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Human Augmentation

Concept of Human Augmentation

- Input Technologies : Based on the interaction between the human brain and robot, we are going to apply BCI (Brain Computer Interface) technology, brain signal measurement 

  using EEG and fNIRS, simulator development and rehabilitation robot research to improve the rehabilitation effect of brain disease patients. 

- Output Technologies : The soft wearable muscle support technology is applied to the physical human robot interaction (PHRI) field, which is difficult to apply the conventional hard type muscle aiding device, and it is expected to increase the fit feeling and reduce the rejection of human contact.


Related technology

- Bio-signal Processing

- Brain Mapping

- Brain-Computer Interface

- Machine Learning

- Sensor Development

- Bio-mechanics

- Robot kinematics design

- Robot kinematics analysis

- Dynamics Analysis

- Finite Element Analysis

- Robotic System Design

- Sensor interface circuit

- Rehabilitation robot

- Gait Analysis

Development of core technology of wellness of human beings

- We aim to develop key technologies for soft wearable devices for human-centered wellness services.

- PI : An, Jinung Tel: 053-785-4610

- Contact : Lee, Seung Hyun Tel: 053-785-4661

Development of BCI-based brain cognitive computing technology to recognize human intention using deep learning

- Development of multi-modal brain signal-based brain cognitive state estimation and user-customized BCI technology for stable intention  recognition


- PI : An, Jinung Tel: 053-785-4610

- Contact : Lee, Gihyoun Tel: 053-785-4661

(3rd) Development of multi-purpose multi-functional upper limb rehabilitation robot trainer for task-oriented rehabilitation training

- Validation of Neural Signal Based Upper Rehabilitaion Robt

- Certified Testing Certification Body Medical Device Class 2 Test Support

- Permission to manufacture medical device

- Development of reliability improvement technology of upper limb rehabilitation robot control algorithm

- Evaluation of integrated performance of upper limb rehabilitation robot GUI

- PI : An, Jinung Tel: 053-785-4610

- Contact : Lee, Boo-Hwan Tel: 053-785-4651

Core technology development for launch robot for rescue robot

- In this research and development, a gripper for gripping shells with a gripping force of 15kgf for carrying out the task of a rescue robot, two types of multi-object

  gripper grippers for gripping obstacles in life-saving, and a gripper swapping device Aim to develop tense.

- PI : An, Jinung Tel: 053-785-4610

- Contact : Lee, Ik-Ho  Tel: 053-785-9439

(4th) Development of bio-signal interface technology and ground-based rehabilitation training robot application technique with 90% or more detection rate of gait intention for various gait rehabilitation of stroke patients

- Determination of the minimum number of channels through repeated experiments and training of brain training simulator based on the determined channel

- Performing patient experiments by applying developed brain training simulator and rehabilitation status monitoring convergence interface

- Collaboration with Ulsan University Industry-Academic Cooperation and National Rehabilitation Center

- After checking the malfunctions and improvements through experiment results, supplement the system

- Development of safety standard for rehabilitation robots (draft)

- PI : An, Jinung Tel: 053-785-4610

- Contact : Jin, Sang Hyeon Tel: 053-785-4660

Outline of output technology

- To overcome the limitation of hard type wearable muscular strength reinforcement and rehabilitation device based on existing rigid body robotics such as

  exoskeleton, safe and human friendly soft type wearable muscle strength reinforcement and rehabilitation device technology is needed.

- Soft wearable muscle support technology can be used in the medical welfare and wearable smart rehabilitation medical filed which supports the strength of

  the elderly who have difficulty walking or those with weak muscles.

- It can be used in labor intensive industry filed that assists high intensity human labor in the aged agriculture filed, rescue site, and disaster scene and needs

  safety increase.

Development of core element technology for human-centered wellness service [Output technology]

- Human body mechanics based soft wearable muscle aids capable of supporting and increasing muscle strength

- PI : Kwon, Oh-Seok Tel : 053-785-4710

- Contact : Ha, Sungmok Tel : 053-785-4773


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