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제목 Introducing Wellness Convergence Technology to North American Export Market
작성자 wellness 작성일 2017/09/19 조회수 450

DGIST (president, Shin Sung-chul) has launched the well-being convergence technology in North American export market.

The DGIST Wellness Convergence Research Center presented the achievements of the wellness human care platform project at the '2016 Medical Information System Exhibition' held in Las Vegas, USA from the 1st to the 3rd.

At the exhibition, the Wellness Convergence Research Center showed ▲ Provide content and solutions for mental health management and stress reduction ▲ Air Cube, an environmental sensor gateway device that can monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, fine dust and noise ▲ Physical wellness monitoring Tools, and an integrated wellness human care service platform, as well as customized health management and wellness convergence technologies for improvement.

More than 500 visitors have experienced the wellness convergence technology achievements at the EXPO booth, and the contents and solutions for mental health care and stress relief, Air Cube attracted many buyers' attention. 

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