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제목 DGIST Wellness Convergence Research Center Awarded
작성자 wellness 작성일 2018/02/06 조회수 458

DGIST announced that the wellness convergence research center research team won the Best Paper Award at MFI 2017 (International Conference on Intelligent System Multi-Sensor Convergence and Integration 2017) held in Daegu from 16-18th.

In this conference, the director of the Institute of Wellness Convergence Research Center, An Jinung, and Dr. Ki-hyeon Research Fellow will discuss the noise elimination that occurs when human brain signals are measured (fNIRS Motion Artifact Correction for Overground Walking Using Entropy Based Unbalanced Optode Decision and Wavelet Regression Neural Nerwork) And received the Best Paper Award of MFI 2017.

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현재글 : DGIST Wellness Convergence Research Center Awarded wellness 2018/02/06
이전글 : DGIST, '2017 Excellent Technology Seminar and Tech.. wellness 2018/02/06

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